High Performance of Silicone Release Liner

Packaging industries need good technology to help them in securing the packaging. The parts boxes and other packages should be folded and glued well so the package will give better security for the stuff inside the package. In this case, Robatech provides great solution for this problem. There are many gluing solutions, for the cardboard boxes and similar packages, Robatech develops technology that will be able to provide better efficiency and effectiveness. The silicone release liner of Vivo 18 can become the solution and it will surely be able to improve the productivity.

Performance in High Speed

Speed becomes important aspect in the industries. All industries require high speed in production process. In this case, the silicone release liner from Robatech is the best choice to deal with the speed. Its technology has all that is needed to bring the production speed into the next level. When the cardboard is ready to get the seal or tape, the silicone release liner will start working. In a minute, it can apply up to 100 meters of adhesive tapes. This is surely something that cannot be done manually. Even if it works in high speed, precision still becomes the important elements. The operator can adjust the position where the adhesive tapes should be applied and precise length of tape in each part of cardboard. Then, the technology will do the job.

Easy Installation of Vivo 18

The Vivo 18 is surely excellent technology. It can bring the productivity into the higher level because of its speed and precision. Then, it is easy to operate and program so it will always be ready to work once the setup is ready. Moreover, it has high flexibility. In this case, installation of the parts for the Vivo 18 is easy to do. Even, it does not require big space to fully install the Vivo 18 until it is ready to use. It has narrow head, so it requires small space. It will also be easy to adjust the position depending on the types of packages.